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  • Triple Offset Design for Bi-directional Bubble Tight Shutoff
  • Self Centering Disc
  • Sealed Bearing Design
  • Stellite Body Seat Standard
  • Blowout Proof Stem Option
  • Firesafe Tested to API 607 Revision 5
  • Available in a Wide Range of Materials and Configurations


– 316 Stainless Steel

– Monel

– Hastelloy

– Nickel – Aluminum – Bronze

– Duplex

Time Tested Performance from the Quality Valve Supplier

Newmans Triple Offset Valves are designed, manufactured and supplied from world class facilities serving the industrial processing, transmission, water treatment and power industries across the globe. Trinity Triple Offset Valves offer dependable, economical service for all applications that require proven performance and quality.

Superior Features come Together for Superior Service

Featuring the premium Triple Offset design, the Newmans TOV is a zero leakage valve in both directions utilizing a Stellite/316 SS metal seating surface carefully matched to provide superior sealing. The Triple Offset design uses three separate geometries of disc/ stem orientation and rotation to accomplish bubble tight sealing.

The proven conical seating feature allows Newmans Triple Offset Valve to operate with minimal torque, increased temperatures and longer life cycle. The disc and body seat engage with no rubbing of the seating components.

Our Commitment is to Your Success

The Newmans Triple Offset Valve meets or exceeds industry standards and is available in a wide range of pressures, materials,and body configurations. Once again Newmans Valve is offering,superior value and performance to our global customers. Contact,your Newmans representative for more information on the new,Triple Offset Valve Product line.”


Offset # 1 – The sealing plane is moved forward of the centerline of the shaft to provide full 360 degree interrupted

sealing. This offset was initially introduced as standard with the introduction of the high performance butterfly valve.


Offset #2 – The centerline of disc rotation was moved laterally from the centerline of the shaft. This provided eccentric

rotation of the disc which swung the seal ring completely off the seat upon opening. This also was introduced as

standard on the high performance butterfly valves.


Offset #3 – The centerline of the seat cone angle. This angle is identical to the cone angle of the laminated seal ring on the disc. Additionally the point of the centerline of cone rotation is moved laterally from the centerline of disc rotation. As stated the point of cone angle of the laminated seal ring on the disc does not used this offset for the placement of the


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