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Valve Design : Design – Wafer Type   Jacketed  Ball Valve

Size Range : 4 ”


Material of Construction :

Body : WCB / CF8 / CF8M / CF3M

Ball : ASTM A 351 Gr.CF8 / CF8M / CF3M

Type Of Valve & Ball : On/Off type 2 way Jacketed Ball Valve

Working Pressure : 10 Bar

Leakage Class : Class VI

End Connection : Wafer Type Class 150

STEAM JACKETED BALL VALVE (HEATING JACKETED BALL VALVE) are designed for the ball valves on the media to prevent from cooling down. The cool media will become sold, and will be very hard to operate the stem & ball.
The SJ-Series, the steam jacket ball valve (heating jacket ball valve) with very well design to help the high temperature steam flow over the valve ball & body parts to keep the media liquid. FERROTECH offer heating jacketed valve both 2-way & 3/4-way valve types and good at pitch or bitumen industries.

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