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Sizes 4" - 72":AWWA C-504 Class: 25A to 150B
BODY:Cast Iron or Ductile Iron
DISC:Cast Iron or Ductile Iron

Rugged heavy-duty AWWA butterfly valves for use in power generation plants, municipal water treatment plants and industrial applications.

We are engaged in offering comprehensive range of butterfly valves that are available in various designs, shapes and sizes as per the industrial standard. Our butterfly valves are manufactured in compliance with the international standard ensuring flawless wafer finalized components..

The Cair Series AWWA Butterfly Valves is a full compliance AWWA design spanning a size range from 4″ through 36″. Continuing in the tradition of design and performance excellence, the Cair Series was designed to offer the same level of quality and dependability you have come to expect from Cair Valve.

The Cair Series Valves are available for AWWA class 25A to 150B, for 240/300 psi service, and in standard or custom configurations.

fabricated body that meets or exceeds the design strength requirements of the AWWA C-504 standards. These body configurations can be obtained with weld end, mechanical joints or flanges.
Stub shafts are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or Monel. Shaft diameters are equal to or greater than specified in AWWA C-504, Table 4 for all sizes of Cair Butterfly valves. Connection to the disc is positively locked by stainless steel pins machined to exacting tolerances.
PTFE impregnated packing backed by a bronze gland is fully adjustable to eliminate line leakage. A special enclosure which allows required accesses is provided for buried service applications.
A smooth profile, flow-thru disc is available in various materials that minimizes pressure drop across the valves and insures stable hydraulic flow characteristics.
Cair valves can be supplied with a fully adjustable mechanically retained seat which provides a 360 degree seating surface designed for reliable, long-term service. These seats can be either on the disc or on the body providing the same reliable, adjustable and replaceable features in compliance with AWWA C-504.
Flanges are drilled in accordance with ANSI B16.1 Class 125 specifications as standard. Larger sizes are in accordance with appropriate standards.
Cair valves have a 2-way adjustable thrust bearing on the bottom shaft to accurately centre the disc in the valve. This thrust bearing is permanently lubricated for smooth operation and is sealed to prevent leakage.
Cair valves are provided with a 304 stainless steel disc edge if the seat is on the body, which helps reduce sealing torque and provide reliable service. Those Cair valves with seats on the disc are provided with either BUNA or EPDM or Viton mechanically retained on the disc edge with the 304 stainless steel mating surface in the body.
Fabricated body that meets or exceeds the design strength requirements of the AWWA C-504 standards. These body configurations can be obtained with weld end, mechanical joints or flanges.
Self-lubricating sleeve bearings are designed to allow valve placement with the shaft horizontal or vertical. The non-metallic bearing material has an extremely low coefficient of friction to reduce operating torque requirements and eliminate galvanic corrosion.

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