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SIZE : 1.1/2″-104″ (40mm-2600mm)
Body : CI/MS/SGI/WCB/SS 304/SS316/SS316lL
Centric Disc : CI/MS/SGI/WCB /SS 304/SS316/SS316lL
Seat : Metal to Metal
Oper. Temp. : Up to -50 TO 600° C
Working Pressure : Up to 2 Kg/Cm² TO 10 Kg/Cm²
End Connection : Wafer Type / Flanged End
Leakage Class : II



Butterfly air dampers are single blade, low or minimum leakage dampers that are well suited for open-closed service or flow control balancing. ProcessBarron butterfly damper designs include:

  • Round, square, or rectangular blades
  • Electric, pneumatic,  , or manual gear actuators with pneumatic or electrical positioners for effective damper control
  • A high-temperature butterfly damper model with refractory lining on the blade and interior of the housing is available for elevated temperature applications up to 1400˚F
  • Damper furnished with stainless steel heat compensating blade seals


Regulating or isolating round butterfly damper. Normally with one single disc on a central shaft and optionally with multiple interconnected blades.

For shutting off, controlling, diverting or reducing the flow of corrosive and chemically-polluted exhaust air, flue gases and process gases,for example in:

  • Domestic and special waste incinerators
    • Denitrification and flue gas desulphurisation plants (DeNOxand FGD plants)
    • Thermal power plants (e.g. gas turbine plants)
    • Smelting works, production of precious and special metals, e.g. steel, copper, gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium
    • Cement works and mineral oil refineries
    • The process industry (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs) and the semi-conductor industry

In 2002, Angenstein AG took over the production and sale ofDitzler™ valves from Ditzler Kunststoffapparatebau AG. The Ditzler™ valves are characterised by an extremely high level of reliability and a very long servicelife. Ditzler™ valves have been in constant use through the world for more than 25 years.


Available with pneumatic, electric, or manual actuator.

Depending on the sealing system, varying levels of tightness can be obtained (95% -100 %).

Suitable for low pressure combustion gases at high temperatures (600ºC).

Applications in cogeneration plants, waste heat recovery systems.

Sizes: up to DN 3000

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