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SIZE:1.1/2"-14" (40mm-350mm)
Moulded Seat:EPDM
Oper. Temp.:Up to 80 TO 120° C
Working Pressure:Up to 10 Kg/Cm²
End Connection:Wafer Type to Suit 150#
Seat Leakage:Tight Shut Off
Leakage Class:VI
Valve Type:Centric Disc Butterfly Valve with a single piece rubber lined body

Three neck designs for your choice:

Long neck type short neck type and neckless type are available for versatile applications. Optionally available NECK Mounting Kits enable easy change of valve necks to other type, depending on service conditions: (Valves need to be dismantled from pipelines for neck replacement.)

Easy valve-to-flange centring:

Light weight of die-cast aluminum valve body (which is only one-thirds of FERROTECH VALVE’s conventional cast iron butterfly valves) eases valve-to-flange centring work on mounting valves on pipelines.

Wide range of service applications:

Austenitic stainless steel discs and EPDM rubber seats can handle many different kinds of line fluid without concern of corrosion.

Stabilized operating torque:

A pair of stem bearing assembled around the top and bottom stems prevents stem galling, and stabilizes valve operating torque for smooth and trouble-free disc rotation.

On-the-spot actuator assembly:

The actuator mounting pads of all necks are designed in conformity with ISO 5211 requirements for direct on-site mounting of actuators which are provided with ISO 5211 valve mounting flanges.

Prevention of dew condensation (Long neck type):

Along stainless steel neck blocks transfer of the fluid heat to a valve operating device, which thus needs no insulation. Dew condensation is minimized also in case of cold water service.

Rust prevention:

Main parts such as stems, discs, necks, neck connectors and boltings are all made of stainless steel for highly graded rust prevention.

S-shape spherical disc for high sealing performance (patented):

FERROTECH VALVE’s original cross-sectionally S-shaped valve discs with spherical surface evenly make tight contact with rubber liners for excellent sealing performance with reduced operating torque. Thorough 360° shut-off mechanism helps extend service life of rubber liners.

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