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Multi-port three and four way valves, The utilization of common bolted on ends and four seated design offers the ability to interchange port configurations and allow every port to be an inlet and/or a blocked flow port. This offers tremendous flexibility, a multitude of flow path options and the ability to use various end connections on each port. The valves have direct mount actuator capabilities, live loaded stem seals making them ideally suited for long service life in mixing, blending and diverting applications. View possible configurations for our multiport ball valves


●It can be operated for many kinds of divierting & Mixing by one valve, and
can be protected mis-operation.
●It can be reduced piping cost and space.
●There is not remaining fluid between valve and valve in case of
using 2-way valves.
●With 4-seat design, it can be selected flow direction.
●Gland part can be tightened easily, because it is fixed by bolts.
And it has anti-blow out stem design.
●It can be attached anti-static device.(Option)
●Stopper can be fixed valve position correctly.
●Key rock can be protected mis-operation by other of concerned
member. (Key: option)
●It can be automatization without taking off valve from piping.
●Internal body can be cleaned by opening side cover. It can be
claened on the piping.

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